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Hydraulic Toe Jack

Hydraulic Toe Jack

SKU: OP-463


  • Low height lifting toe for lifting low profile objects as well as standard top lifting point 
  • Toe jack allows you to get under and lift equipment with 1” of ground clearance 
  • Big and flat base provides extra stability 
  • Top lifting capacity: 5 Tons 
  • Low tow lifting capacity: 2.5 Tons 
  • Operated with a pump handle, lifting a heavy machine is a breeze 
  • Pump handle can be rotated 180° and pumped at angle 
  • Hydraulic toe jacks are designed to lift heavy machinery and other similar type loads when there is a low ground clearance. With toe-like feet, they slide under the edge of the machine to ensure stability. The lift plate is then positioned at the underside of the machine, which is then lifted clear to allow machinery moving skates under the load. 
  • 2.75” (L) x 2” (W) x 4” (H) 
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