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OPD-A High Precision Balance

OPD-A High Precision Balance



  • Gold-plated ceramic capacitance sensor High stability, minimizing the influence of temperature change

  • 3-Door Anti-Static Draft Shield (1mg models) Protect weighing samples from surrounding influences

  • Units: g, ct, lb, oz, ozt, dwt

  •  Construction Cast aluminum, static resistant ABS, static-resistant doors (1mg models), stainless steel pan

  • Large stainless steel pan Allows for easy weighing of large objects

  • Leveling feet with 2 points of adjustment Makes it level even on uneven working surfaces

  • Below balance weighing Determines density of large pieces

  • Configurable RS 232 interface Allows for communication with peripheral data collection and printing

  • Multiple weighing units Allows for flexibility of weighing


Click Here for Balances Brochure

  • Models

    Model Capacity Readability
    OPD-A1002 1100g 0.01g
    OPD-A2002 2100g  0.01g
    OPD-A3002 3100g  0.01g
    OPD-A4002 4100g  0.01g
    OPD-A5002 5100g  0.01g
    OPD-A6002 6100g  0.01g
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