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OPF-P Precision Counting Balance

OPF-P Precision Counting Balance



  • Vibrating technology provides the highest level of counting accuracy
  • Up to 21 PLU (Product Look Up) for storing sample weights so they can
  • be easily retrieved
  • 30,000 displayed resolutions
  • 3 displays (weight, unit weight, count)
  • Truly portable with both AC adapter and rechargeable battery that lasts
  • up to 100 hrs
  • High visibility back lit LCD
  • Durable ABS housing and large anti-static stainless steel pan
  • Warning for insufficient unit piece weight and sample size
  • Multiple weighing units: g, kg, lb, oz


Click Here for Balances Brochure


Click Here for Manual

  • Models

    Model Capacity Readability
    OPF-P3 3 kg (6.6 lb) 0.1 g
    OPF-P7.5 7.5 kg (16.5 lb) 0.2 g
    OPF-P15 15 kg (33 lb) 0.5 g
    OPF-P30 30 kg (66 lb) 1 g


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